Questions and Answers:

Q. If I don't have a fireplace, do I still have a chimney?
A. Yes! Everyone has a chimney. Whether you have oil or gas, heat fumes must be vented through a chimney.

Q. I have a contract with my oil company, don't they take care of my chimney?
A. No! Most oil companies' service contract only maintain the boiler and the connecting pipes. That is their expertise. Chimneys are ours.

Q. If gas is a clean heat, why do I have to have my chimney cleaned?
A. Yes! Gas is a clean heat, but just like us, chimneys age. Chimneys are usually clay tile lined in sections. In time, these sections can crack, separate, and become deteriorated. This is dangerous because gas (carbon monoxide) fumes can now seep through these cracks and invade your home. So it is important to inspect your gas furnace flue on a regular basis.

Q. How often should I clean my fireplace?
A. That depends on how you use it and how much wood you burn. If you burn less than a cord of wood a year, we suggest cleaning every two years. If you burn more than a cord, you should have it done every year. And, if you' really like your fires, you should have it cleaned twice a year.

Q. What is creosote?
A. Creosote is a natural byproduct of burning wood. It originates as condensed wood smoke and vapors. It then attaches itself to the inside of your flue. It is a shiny black substance sometimes dry and flaky and sometimes tar like. In either case, Creosote is a known combustible and should be treated with care.

Q. How often should I clean my furnace flue?
A. We suggest that you clean your oil furnace flue every two years and your gas furnace flue every three to four, depending on its age and condition at the time of inspection.
When you’re a Bill Bickel Chimney Sweep customer you don't have to worry! We keep track of your last cleaning, what was done, and when your next cleaning should be. A complimentary reminder is sent as part of our full service. If you're not sure, you can always call and we will gladly look up your account for you.

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